The Essence of Our Technology


Tricryption is an encryption key management methodology patented by Pi-Soft to separate encrypted data from its symmetric encryption keys.

Tricryption encrypts every data item with a unique key, separates the key from the data and constructs an encrypted reference between the data and its managed encryption key. This reference is called a t-Tag™ (or Tricryption-Tag); t-Tags are stored with the encrypted data.

  • Encryption Keys Centrally Stored
  • Ownership and Access Rights Applied to Encryption Keys
  • Reference Between Encrypted Data and its Encryption Key is Encrypted

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Pi-Soft Software is Validated and Certified.

  • FIPS Validation

Federal Information Processing Standard 140-2 Level 1 Tricryption Cryptographic Module has received FIPS validation from the National Institute of Standards and > > Technology (NIST).

Our FIPS Certificate at NIST:

  • Common Criteria Certification

Common Criteria CC EAL2+ *1Common Criteria is a standard set by the National Institute of Standards(NIST) and Technology National Security > Agency(NSA).

Our Common Criteria Certification:

Tricryption Uses Industry Standard Encryption, Hashing Algorithms and TLS Protocols.

  • AES (256 bits, 196 bits, 128 bits)
  • Triple DES (168)
  • SHA-2 hash functions (SHA-224, SHA-256, SHA-384, SHA-512)
  • ECC and RSA TLS protocols

Compatible and Complementary to Your PKI.

Pi-Soft products support PKI integration and use and recognize the importance PKI represents to data security.

Fault tolerant DBMS for Encrypted Encryption Key Storage.

Our Common Criteria Certification gives our customers peace of mind and confidence in storing encryption keys within an enterprise’s most reliable and fault tolerant storage infrastructure. The security of the overall system is NOT dependent upon the security of the DBMS used to store the encryption keys.

Global Enterprise and Government Deployments.

Pi-Soft maintains a global customer base with resellers and partners. Our software solutions are used to protect sensitive information of all types, from streaming scientific data, immigration data, national security data and to commercial customer data.

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