Tricryption® dS

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Transparent, Centrally Managed Endpoint Encryption for Laptops and Workstations.

Pi-SOFT Tricryption® dS is laptop and workstation software designed to use encryption keys from Tricryption kS and secure sensitive data through transparent policy-driven encryption.

Tricryption dS performs two main functions: communicates with Tricryption kS services for encrpytion key requests and performs transparent encryption of user data. All encryption keys are created, stored and managed by Tricryption kS, and securely transmitted to Tricryption dS on demand.

Tricryption dS allows enterprises with sensitive information to protect that data from unauthorized access including theft, malicious insiders and outsourced administrators, while maintaining centralized control over the encrypted data. Since Tricryption dS works at the file system level it provides for a transparent solution to end users.

Tricryption dS enables secure sharing and collaboration internally and externally with all other dS, eS and appServer Agent users.

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